Bridge Ball: The Wonder of it All

Time for our most talked-about event - our annual Bridge Ball. We return to The Elks at Bass Rocks on Saturday, March 4th. (We're tight with The Elks!) The first Ball was a hit and the accompanying live broadcast was the most-watched in our history. For our first formal shindig, hundreds of people got all dolled up, walked the red carpet, and partied politely into the wee hours. 

Funny story how it all came about: Linda Vega of the now defunct Linda Bella Boutique pitched an adult prom concept. The idea was to have an event outside of summer and wedding season which could include all of the Bridge members who are normally busy that time of year - salons, makeup artists, florists, etc. We worked very closely with Caitlin Pszenny (née Kreitman) and Jessica Lynn Photography, and pulled everything together in 3 weeks. It sold out. It was nuts.

The adult prom theme quickly turned into a wedding reception - though we did crown a Queen & King. People were loving the Oscar-style photos, elaborate centerpieces created by our members and DJ Scottie Mac, but most of all they enjoyed getting dressed to the nines in the dead of winter for no good reason. Attending the Bridge Ball was like going to a wedding without the ceremony or having to bring a gift. We can't wait to do it again. 

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