5 Tips on Playing Win-It Wednesday

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Week after week, hundreds of Cape Ann residents participate in Win-It Wednesday on the Bridge Cape Ann Facebook page. We've had over 500 Win-It giveaways, reached more than one million people, and given away over $500,000 in prizes to 10,000+ winners! Thank you for being so supportive of local businesses and The Bridge! There aren’t any hidden secrets or complicated strategies to winning but there are a few tips we can share that will help you become a winnah. Because of Facebook's regulations,  the rules for WIW are no longer listed in the caption. Here's a quick refresher:

How to Play Win-It Wednesday:

- LIKE the Bridge Cape Ann Facebook page
- TELL US which prizes you want in the comment field
- TAG friends and family who you think would also like to play in the comment field
- SHARE the post

Winners are revealed in a video every Thursday evening on Facebook and our website, BridgeCapeAnn.com. (FYI: Everything you see on the Bridge Cape Ann Facebook page - from our videos to events to WIW drawings - appears first on BridgeCapeAnn.com. So if you dig what we do, please bookmark our site, too. Finally, winners must claim their prizes by VISITING or CONTACTING the business by Sunday night. If they don't, the prizes expire (although most businesses are happy to bend that rule). Then we do it all over again the following Wednesday.

Now that we got the rules out of the way, here are some tips on playing Win-It Wednesday!


1. Be SpecifiC when choosing your prizes

Saying “All” works but narrowing is very helpful. If you really need a car wash, pick the number for Maplewood Car Wash. We break down the comments based on keywords, which could be a number or one of the categories. We recommend choosing a handful of specific prizes each time you play. 


2. mix up your selections each week

WIW is about exploring Cape Ann, trying places you haven’t tried before, and supporting the local economy. Our Bridge Buddies (the small businesses that are awarding these prizes) LOVE seeing new faces. Let us help you discover them! Besides, if you play regularly, chances are you'll win multiple times. That's a Bridge guarantee ;)


3. Claim Your Prize!

We understand that some people feel uneasy using coupons, gift cards, or claiming prizes, but business owners WANT you to use them! That's why they're offering. Make sure you ask for a prize you can claim by Sunday night. If you are unable, please contact them and explain the situation. (Most Bridge Buddies extend deadlines for those who reach out.) For those who play regularly and always claim their prize, you are noticed and we thank you!


4. Look Out for Special “Code” Words in the Caption

This isn’t as secretive as it sounds. Sometimes we offer special prizes from new Bridge members or local events. These are mentioned at the top of the prize list. Sometimes waiting for a newer prize to go a couple weeks before asking for it gives you a better chance on winning once the “new” feeling wears off. 


5. Thank Your Local Small Businesses

They participate each week and deserve our gratitude. We couldn't do this without them. Our Bridge Buddies rave about WIW (future blog post!) because you're visiting them, sharing your experiences, and becoming repeat customers. WIW gets bigger and better every year. So keep your eyes open for our weekly post with the amazing local photograph and let's have some fun!


Thanks for playing & good luck! 

Kory CurcuruComment