Our Biggest LRC Tournament Yet

Grand Prize Winner Katrina Dukette!

Grand Prize Winner Katrina Dukette!

Well that was fun. Our January Left Right Center Tournament at The Elks was the biggest yet. We had players from as far away as central New York vying for the big money prizes. Nearly 220 players made the bar busy and the function room cozy.  50/50 helped raise $1250 for The Elks Scholarship Fund!

Thanks to Brittany, Emily, and The Elks at Bass Rocks, DJ Scottie Mac for keeping the crowd entertained, Pier 23 Kitchen for the food, Audrey’s Flower Shop for the bouquet, Sunny Variety for the scratch tickets, Referee Rob Shea, Bridge associates Leneai Stuart and Caroline McBride, the Good Doctor Meredith Lockwood, and all of our players. Our next tournament should be sometime in April. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the 3rd Annual Bridge Ball on Saturday, March 3rd at – where else – the Elks. Reserve your spots now: http://bit.ly/2AZFlU0

To find out about future Bridge events, sign up for our newsletter at BridgeCapeAnn.com and follow our social media outlets. A list of the night’s winners is below. Bear with us on the name spellings. It’s chaos on the floor.

Round 1 Winners: Nick Curcuru, Marie Clayton, Brandi Bonds, Katrina Dukette, Alison Aiello, Andrew Murphy, Teresa Sadowski, Lesley Exama, John Penaloza, Sean Reardon, Jessica Quinn, Dale DeLuca, Eric Giordano, Barbara Halliday, Alana Horne, Brenda Leahy, Bob Cloutman, Elizabeth Osier, Rick White, Glenn Chesley, Leanne Merenda

Round 2 Winners: Loretta C., Kendall St. Peter, Peter Lane, Jamie Lane, Patrick Towns, Paula Foster, Maureen Cressey, Heather Dagle, Liz Sousa, Ed Muzio, Nick “The Greek”, Jolene Cary, Mandy Marino, Greg Potsner, Steve Bowles, Sara Roberts, Michelle Conklin, Darren Taylor, Nick DeCoste, Rachel Jackson, Kenny Stewart

Round 3 Winners: Kathleen Claypool, Alycia Gossom, Kathy Lundy, Marie Strauss, Dawn Carpenter, Jay Summerlin, Will Farley, Mike Camarro, Kathy O’Donnell, Jann Sonia, Lorenzo Burnham, Steve Sadowski, Craig Jonus, Heidi Fiahlo, Nick Scola, Eric MacWhinnie, Jackie Medico, John Hughes, Cathy Lawson, Michelle Burke

Final Results:

1st Place: Katrina Dukette ($600)

2nd Place: Greg Potsner ($400)

3rd Place: Jann Sonia ($200)

Audrey’s Bouquet & 50 Scratch Tickets Winner: Linda from Wilmington

Elks 50/50 Winner: Ana from Rye, New Hampshire

How things vibe out at Bridge events...

How things vibe out at Bridge events...