20 ?'s with Justine Laurie, CPA


1.     Describe your business in one sentence.

I provide small businesses and families with peace of mind by helping them meet their financial goals.

2.     Why do you love what you do?

Taxes scare the crap out of people and I love knowing that I can make a difference in people’s lives by alleviating a lot of this fear and helping them keep more money in their pockets.

3.     Why did you join The Bridge?

When I lived on the other side of the country, I followed The Bridge to keep up with what was going on around here. When I came back, I wanted to join because I love the closeness to the community that The Bridge fosters.

4.     Besides work, what else are you passionate about?

It goes without saying that my family is number one – my world pretty much revolves around my kids. Otherwise, I love to lift heavy things and am currently training for my second bodybuilding show (NPC Bikini)

5.     What are a few of your favorite local businesses?

Cape Ann Coffee because their iced Americanos keep me fueled, and when I am allowed some more “fun” in my diet they have the best breakfast sandwiches. The Hair and Color Studio, because no one knows color like Catherine (and her personality doesn’t hurt!).

6.     Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

Bean/Beanie… My parents started it when I was little and looked like a jellybean in my red bathing suit. And somehow my childhood friends ended up adopting it as well!

7.     Any special talents (not work related)?

Sewing. I used to make dresses for my now 6-year-old when she was a toddler. I am also a pretty decent cook, but I do NOT bake.

8.     Name a favorite geographical spot on Cape Ann:

Folly Cove. Something about that inlet feels like a far away place, and the sunsets there are just perfect.

9.     Do you have pets? Who are they?

I have two Dachshunds, Oscar and Ernie. Ernie we have had since he was a puppy in 2007, and we adopted Oscar from the Florida Dachshund Rescue in 2011.

10.  Any causes/charities that particularly move you?

Being the spouse of a disabled veteran, I’d have to go with the Wounded Warrior Project. They have taken a lot of heat in recent years but, being on the receiving end of their charity, I have seen first hand the difference they make for these veterans and helping them gain some normalcy in their lives after the transition out of the military.

11.  Favorite local event?

Waterfront Festival – I missed it this year and I am bummed!

12.  Favorite Bridge event?

Because I haven’t been back in the area too long, I have only been to the Strawberry Festival so far… so we can go with that!

13.  Favorite seafood?

Bluefin Tuna. I could eat tuna tartare every day for the rest of my life and die happy.

14.  Name one thing that a tourist MUST do when visiting Cape Ann:

Take a ride on the water shuttle – it gives a great view of the inner harbor!

15.  Name one of your quirks:

I hate cold drinking water – I like it at room temperature

16.  Name one of your pet peeves.

When you hold the door for someone and they walk right through it like it’s being magically held open.

17.  Name one of your superstitions:

I don’t like to step on cracks in pavement

18.  What is tops on your bucket list?

A cruise around the world

19.  Who plays you in “Justine Laurie, CPA: The Movie”?

I took a Buzzfeed quiz to answer this question, and survey says Emma Watson.

20.  What do you want to tell your customers?

I am continuously taking on new clients, both individuals and businesses. No business is too small to have a CPA on board from day one!

Justine’s Contact Info/Social Media Handles:

Phone: (978) 381-3024

Website: http://justineelauriecpa.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustineELaurieCPAPC/

Instagram: justineelaurie_cpa

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justine-laurie-36790716/

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