Bridge Ball Postponed til March 31


We decided this morning to postpone the 3rd Annual Bridge Ball until Saturday, March 31, 2018.
We fully expected to host the Ball on Saturday, but when we arrived Friday morning to set up, a telephone pole behind The Elks had snapped and live wires were on the ground. The power was out, water was being blown into the function room, and there was talk of being evacuated. The building is running on generators which means no credit card use, etc., and apparently Elks staff had gotten trapped during the last big flood. There is also a chance that Atlantic Road may close. Parts of the road are blocked already. Flooding is expected to be worse tonight and tomorrow.
Once we heard about the conditions on the Causeway, Commercial Street, the Mills – even at Logan Airport – we knew it was going to be tough to hold the event. Keep in mind, many of the restaurants involved were flooded and forced to close. So many folks are dealing with serious matters this weekend that our decision was easy.
Our choices were to either cancel the Ball or reschedule later in March (there were no dates available in April). Here’s why we settled on Saturday, March 31:

  1. Fridays are too difficult for businesses and other people involved with the Ball 
  2. Saturday, March 10 was booked.
  3. Saturday, March 17: St. Patty’s Day into St. Joseph’s Day are very difficult for our restaurants
  4. Saturday, March 24: Our photographer and deejay had schedule conflicts

We know Easter eve is problematic for some, but we had to make the best out of this situation. All of the businesses that are participating have been notified and are happy with the new date. So are the deejay, photographer, and The Bridge staff. Now that we have a few weeks to recover and breathe, we’ll be able to add a couple new wrinkles to the Ball.
For those who made reservations and plan to attend on the 31st, you’re all set. For those who cannot make it, please email us your full name and the name that the purchase was made under at for a full refund.
We appreciate your understanding and hope to see you all on March 31st.