20 ?'s with Brandon Pratt of Cross Country Mortgage

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1.    Describe your business in one sentence: 

Helping Homeowners and Homebuyers get the best mortgage financing they can get.

2.    Why do you love what you do?

I love helping people and I love numbers, so it’s a natural fit.

3.    Why did you join The Bridge?

To become a bigger part of the Cape Ann business community. 

4.    Besides work, what else are you passionate about and why?

Golf, because it’s something that is so hard, that it brings me back consistently. 

5.    What are a few of your favorite local business to visit and why?

6.    Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? 

Yes, it’s Bunga. Growing up in Magnolia my nickname was Tonga. Then in high school playing for GHS freshman football I was Butch. A Magnolia buddy who also played football said the two names were confusing, so they were merged into Bunga. 

7.    Any special talents (not work related)?

I like to cook at home. Working in restaurants around Cape Ann in high school and college allowed me to learn how to cook and get paid for it. Also being around family and friends in Gloucester, there was a lot of cooking going on. 

8.    Name a favorite geographical spot on Cape Ann and why: 

Long Beach, another place that I went to a lot as a kid.  I still love going there today.

9.    Do you have pets? Who are they?

Owen is a 8 year old border collie mix of other dogs.  We also just got Evie the cat from Cape Ann Animal Aid. She is just over a year old.

10. Any causes/charities that particularly move you?

Anything to do with kids.  I was on the board of directors at HAWC, and now a member of the Gloucester Rotary. 

11. Favorite local event?

Memorial Day…unofficial start of summer.

12. Favorite Bridge event?

Looking forward to my first one!

13. Favorite seafood?

Ahi tuna.

14. Name one thing that a tourist MUST do when visiting Cape Ann:

Drive around the Cape on Route 127 through Manchester, Gloucester and Rockport. 

15. Name one of your quirks:

I can’t sit still very well.

16. Name one of your pet peeves: 

17. Name one of your superstitions:

Being positive all the time. 

18. What is tops on your bucket list?

Playing Augusta National, but most likely I will settle for Pebble Beach because I don’t know any August National members. 

19. Who plays you in “Cross Country Mortgage: The Movie”?

Michael Chiklis

20. What do you want to tell your customers?

That buying a house isn’t hard when you have the right people helping you.  Sitting down with me is free, and I can let anyone know their financial home buying situation.

Brandon’s Contact Info/Social Media Handles:
Address:  180 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 
Phone: 617.688.6891
Website: capeannmortgagesccm.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/crosscountrybrandonpratt/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandon-pratt-ab71106/

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