20 ?'s with Kathryn Wall of BankGloucester

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1.    Describe your business in one sentence:

Community Bank dedicated to individuals and business owners seeking complete financial solutions.

2.    Why do you love what you do?

I love marketing because it allows me to pursue my creative side. Marketers have the unique ability to decide what they would like to communicate, how they will communicate it and what channels they will use. Another aspect of marketing is that it is one of the few professions which gives you to opportunity to influence how someone feels.

3.    Why did you join The Bridge?

For networking and staying up to date on local going on.

4.    Besides work, what else are you passionate about and why?

 I am passionate about food. I love trying new food and I also have been into clean eating and the benefits of how clean eating makes you feel mentally and physically.

5.    What are a few of your favorite local business to visit and why?

Common Crow for their organic groceries and specialty products. The Franklin Cape Ann or their food and drinks.

6.    Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

“KJ” My college roommates came up with the name since my Mother has the same name as me. “Kathryn Junior”

7.     Any special talents (not work related)?

Nothing that I can think of.

8.     Name a favorite geographical spot on Cape Ann and why:

Lighthouse beach is a favorite of mine due to the soft sand, clear water, beautiful view and private.

9.     Do you have pets? Who are they? 

I do not.

10. Any causes/charities that particularly move you?

Care Dimensions

11. Favorite local event?

Saint Peter’s Fiesta

12. Favorite Bridge event?

Strawberry Festival – great for families

13. Favorite seafood (or other local food if you don’t eat seafood)?

Boiled Lobster

14. Name one thing that a tourist MUST do when visiting Cape Ann:

Take a walk down the boulevard, see the fishermen’s statue and enjoy the view.

15. Name one of your quirks:

I always wear a hair elastic around my wrist

16. Name one of your pet peeves:

People that show up late.

17. Name one of your superstitions:

I don’t have any

18. What is tops on your bucket list?

Trip to Italy

19. Who plays you in “BankGloucester: The Movie”?

I had to ask around…the verdict was Sandra Bullock.

20. What do you want to tell your customers?

BankGloucester truly cares about our customers and offers them personalized service. We are also dedicated to supporting our local communities. We offer the same products and services that you’d expect to only find at a larger bank. Plus, our online/mobile banking products are exceptional!

 Kathryn’s Contact Info/Social Media Handles:
Address: 160 Main St. Gloucester/15 Martin St. Essex MA
Phone: 978-283-8200 
Website: www.bankgloucester.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BankGloucester/
Instagram: bankgloucester
Twitter: @BankGloucester
LinkedIn: BankGloucester

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