20 ?'s with Joie Busby of Joie Designs

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1. Describe your business in one sentence:

Unique Home Décor and Trendy Fashions

2. Why do you love what you do?

Because I do it well.

3. Why did you join The Bridge?

To expose the beauty of the world through my art.

4. Besides work, what else are you passionate about and why?

Traveling. It expands my mind in a creative way and inspires my imagination.

5. What are a few of your favorite local business to visit and why?

Virgilio’s. I visit my niece Samantha who works there. The food is awesome too!

6. Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? 


7. Any special talents (not work related)?

I have the gift of mercy and compassion.

8. Name a favorite geographical spot on Cape Ann and why:

Fort Square, I grew up here and my family still lives here.

9. Do you have pets? Who are they?

Yes, two cats, Zoie and Bella.

10. Any causes/charities that particularly move you?

Social Justice and Humanitarian Causes

11. Favorite local event?

Too many to list!

12. Favorite Bridge event?

Strawberry Festival at Mile Marker One

13. Favorite seafood?

I love all seafood!

14. Name one thing that a tourist MUST do when visiting Cape Ann:

Drive the coast

15. Name one of your quirks:

That’s a tough one!

16. Name one of your pet peeves:

When people who are sick with a cold or flu come into work and spread their sick germs.

17. Name one of your superstitions:


18. What is tops on your bucket list?

Go to College

19. Who plays you in “Joie Designs: The Movie”?


20. What do you want to tell your customers?

Step out of line and buy "One of a Kind."

Joie’s Info/Social Media Handles:

Phone: 978-290-8900

Website: www.etsy.com/shop/JoieDesignsOriginals

Facebook: joiedesignsoriginals

Instagram: joiedesignsoriginalsonetsy

Twitter: Joie Busby

LinkedIn: Joie Busby