20 ?'s with Rob Cluett of Boston Autonomic

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1. Describe your business in one sentence:

Securing your business & its I.T. assets.

2. Why do you love what you do?

I've owned a computer since the age of 7. That's when I started programming. Technology has been my passion ever since. It's comes easily to me for some reason.

3. Why did you join The Bridge?

They are constantly innovating ways to connect companies & to bring awareness to the consumer. There's nothing artificial about what they do. They charge pennies to join & have established themselves as the premier provider of marketing services to small businesses.

4. Besides work, what else are you passionate about?

Hiking. Summiting a 4,000+ ft. mountain with an elevation differential of 2,000+ ft. is an awesome feeling. Summiting Mt. Washington while suffering the clinical effects of dehydration was one of my greatest achievements.  

5. What are a few favorite local business to visit?

The Cape Ann Brewery (although I do not drink). They have this geeky vibe that I love. Plus, I'm very fond of Dillon. Great guy. The Azorean because the food there may very well be the best food in town. Dunkin Donuts too. One large hot latte with whole milk & one Equal - & six doughnuts. Yes, every morning.

6. Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? 

Most just call me by my last name, "Cluett".

7. Any special talents (not work related)?

I can juggle & do some carpentry.

8. Name a favorite geographical spot on Cape Ann:

Dogtown. I've hiked it many times. Built a more modern map of all trails & paths using GPS. Don't ask me for it. Was lost when I was hacked. Also, any place on the waterfront because it conjures up images of what Gloucester once was; the history of its fishermen & their sea captains (which includes my grandfather).

9. Do you have pets?

A dog named Jay Jay. He's a Maltese we got from the local animal shelter. Clearly was abused as a puppy. He suffers anxiety & takes diazepam. 

10. Any causes/charities that particularly move you?

I give to the following annually. They are the causes I believe in: Wounded Warrior Project, National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Special Olympics, Boston Rescue Mission, United Negro College Fund, The Trevor Project, Shultz’s Guest House

11. Favorite local event?

Easy. St. Peters Fiesta, of course.

12. Favorite Bridge event?

I'm too new to answer but looking forward.

13. Favorite seafood?


14. Name one thing that a tourist MUST do when visiting Cape Ann:

Visiting Cape Ann Museum is a MUST.  The engraved rocks in Dogtown with the hope that one realizes who Roger Babson was & his influence on this country. He predicted the stock market crash of 1929 which fueled the Great Depression. Although I have an alternative perspective on this. I think he may have actually caused it by stating in his speech, "Sooner or later a crash is coming, & it may be terrific.” He also ran for President against Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

 15. Name one of your quirks:

I drink about 12 diet sodas a day.

16. Name one of your pet peeves:

Folks who park in handicap spots without a license plate or window tag. Folks who talk politics as if it's not an opinion but fact. That begets a third peeve. People who talk like they have all the facts when most of their statements are either assumptions or something baseless they saw on the news.

17. Name one of your superstitions:

I'm not superstitious but I go a little overboard when making sure the doors are locked.

18. What is tops on your bucket list?

Climbing Denali.

19. Who plays you in “Boston Autonomic: The Movie”?

Leonardo DiCaprio or Liam Neeson.

20. What do you want to tell your customers?

Your business isn't secure. Neither is your home or personal devices. I don't care what steps you think you've taken, it's not. I could help though.

Rob’s Info/Social Media Handles:

Phone: 978-879-7651

Website: https://bostonautonomic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bostonautonomic/?modal=admin_todo_tour
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/35548201/admin/