Kory Joins 1623 Studios


Hi folks, I recently accepted a full-time position with 1623 Studios (the former Cape Ann TV). It's like supersizing The Bridge, so I'm really excited. Among other tasks, I'm producing new shows, hosting live events, and managing social media. You may have already seen my Timeline: Cape Ann series of minute-long local history pieces on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Channel 12. This move allows me to develop more ways to interact online and offline with the community. 1623 has an incredibly dedicated staff committed to serving Cape Ann 24/7, so it's a natural fit. I can't wait to start bridging 1623 to YOU :)

To be clear - nothing will change with Bridge Cape Ann - it's business as usual. But this agreement should be a big win for everybody. Now, if the FCC reverses a rule which stipulates that major cable providers must help fund public access television (a very real possibility), then this relationship will be short-lived. But for now, it's a dream scenario. I believe in my work and 1623's mission, so let's do this!

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. In the meantime, you can follow 1623 Studios' social media outlets and enjoy a new series I'm producing that debuts on April 5 called, The Local Life, where I visit really cool people and places that make our area so unique. If you're on Facebook, you'll see it. It's beautifully shot. I hope you like it.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support over the years. Until next time, see you in the neighborhood!

Kory Curcuru
Founder, Bridge Cape Ann

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