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5 Free Things at Fall Fest

This year we are happy to be celebrating five years in business and our 5th Annual Fall Fest! Over 40 vendors are joining us on October 7th at Mile Marker One to enjoy the Fall weather and have some fun. Our vendors will have goods and services to purchase, discounts to enjoy, and stories to share. The great thing about Fall Fest is that the event is 100% FREE to park and attend. In addition to enjoying great live music and in celebration of our 5th year hosting Fall Fest we are sharing five awesome free things you can do at this great community event. 

1. Vehicles to Explore


Part of our kids zone features a police ATV, firetruck, monster Camaro and quad, and possibly even a Coast Guard boat for kids to explore and take pictures with. 


2. Play with Puppies!


Cape Ann Animal Aid is bringing energetic and loving puppies for everyone to play with! You can pet and cuddle these puppies as much as you want while you’re there, what’s better than that?! Even more exciting, if you feel an attachment to one (or all, lets be real) they are all adoptable and can be taken home within a few days!


3. Stein Hoisting Competition 


The challenge is to hold a beer mug filled to the very top with water straight out in front of you longer than the other competitors without spilling a drop. If you can do that, you’ll be taking home the satisfaction of victory and a prize from Sam Adams. 


4. Meet the Alpacas


Angie’s Alpacas live on Marshall’s Farm and will be at Fall Fest for everyone to meet and greet! They are adorable and unusual animals that everyone is sure to love. If you have a quarter you can feed them some treats out of the palm of your hand! 


5. Snakes!


If we have nice weather this year The Vernal Pond Team will be there with some of their snakes and reptiles. You can pet and even hold the snakes if you’re feeling up for it. Make sure to tag us in your photos from the event on Facebook and Instagram! 


Hope to see you at Mile Marker One on Saturday, October 7th from 11-4pm!