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Thanks for Being Horrible

Everyone loves a parade, so on July 3rd we loaded up the BridgeMobile with a mountain of candy and took it to the free streets of America’s First Seaport.

Disco Dean Horne, aka The Plow Guy, was once again behind the wheel with his head on a swivel. Navigating a parade route with truck and trailer is tough work. Not only do you have to pace yourself between the float or band in front of and behind you, but there’s always a chance that a kid will dart in front of the tires to save a pack of Smarties, or a tipsy friend will bob over for a high-five and a Jello shot. We learned our lesson after our first Horribles Parade, when we threw hundreds of Frisbees and beach balls all over the Boulevard. It was Beatlemania.

Our purpose was to have fun and promote our members (Cape Ann businesses that we call Bridge Buddies). We created The Great Bridge Cape Ann Giveaway, handing out 3000 individually numbered cards to folks prompting them to enroll in our weekly newsletter. In a subsequent newsletter, we'll post the winning numbers matched with donated prized. In total, Bridge Buddies offered more than $32,000 in savings, goods, and services. Amazing.

We were on a mission - heat and humidity be damned - that couldn’t be accomplished without some hired guns. Two Bridge Buddies came along: Carole McNair of the Azorean hula-hooped all the livelong day, and Brooke Sanidas of Avon Rising Stars may have handed out more cards and candy than anyone else. Since when did kids bring Trick or Treat bags to a parade?

Bridge associate Leneai Stuart and her beau, Jaime Jasko, took photos along the parade route of people holding empty picture frames before themselves (look for the album on Facebook soon).

Rob Shea, last seen refereeing our Left Right Center Tournament in April (next one is Fri July 28 at The Elks, RSVP here: ), lead the cheerleading charge and somehow managed to keep two giant coolers from staying full.

Brian Watson was the happiest of bearded Angry Birds and provided kids the opportunity to be equally scared and excited to have their picture taken with a cartoon character.

All Eric Giordano wanted to do was laze in the trailer lounge with a beverage, but he too caught the parade bug and walked the entire route dishing out Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. Eric was so impressed that he’ll be walking next year’s St. Peter’s parade in his Fiesta all-whites.

Their help made for a great event. The Bridge wouldn’t be The Bridge without them.

We want to thank the Fishtown Horribles Parade organizers, the Tucker family and all the judges, volunteers, and participants for another spectacular event. See ya next year!

Oh, my job was to live broadcast everything. Click here for a birdseye view from the BridgeMobile: