Northeast Seafood Coalition

The Northeast Seafood Coalition is an organization of commercial fishing businesses in the northeast United States. NSC members are small, independent, entrepreneurial businesses that fish for – and support fishing for – cod, haddock, flounders, and other groundfish species along the northeast coast. NSC’s fishing business members fish from small and large ports all along the northeast coast. They fish small, medium, and large vessels, and they employ, among them, all groundfish gear types (trawl, longline, gillnet, and others). The number of fishing business members in NSC is approximately 255.  NSC’s mission is to work for the long term health of fishery resources, fishing communities, and the fishing industry throughout the northeast. Since 2002, NSC has worked in the policy process in efforts to help develop rules to rebuild the northeast groundfish fishery. NSC works for rules that embody real solutions to complex fishery problems.

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